Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Enriched Organic Fertilizer RABOK MADU ( SUGAR CANE FERTILIZER) is organic manure which is special for the Sugar Cane . Form : organic powder.

Function of RABOK MADU RB-18 are :

1. Blend from various organic materials then safe for environment.

2. It was not delicate like others organic manure

3. Contain various complete micro and macro nutrients according to requirement of crops

4. Can repair the physical, chemical, and biological behavior of landfarm which have destroyed because of chemical manure and other cause

5. Do not give sour effect to landfarm at continueous usage

6. Safe for landfarm organism that needed by crops to growth well

7. Contain growth stimulator, so that crop more healthy and grow quickly

8. Assisting forming of strong root system and crops bar so that crop do not easy to crumple

9. Environmental friendliness and assist to return landfarm organism.

10. Containing materials making more green leaf and more strong branch.

11. Give good quality sugar

12. Give more quantity result of sugar cane

Content of Nutrient :
Nitrogen : 4,00 %
P2O5 : 7,25 %
K2O : 6,80 %
C-Organic : 13,10 %
Micro Element : 1 – 2 %
Water Content : 17,30 %
Heavy Metal : < 50 ppm

Aplication: :

Fertilize Ist 800 Kg of RABOK MADU ( RB-18) dan 200 kg Ammonium Sulfat / hectare farm sugarcane
Fertilize 2nd 300 Kg Ammonium Sulfate /hectare

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